Tuesday, October 23, 2012

design faults

You know how sometimes you go to swallow and your spit suddenly develops corners and tries to choke you?

And how after you have a baby you pee a little every time you sneeze or cough?

And how every month you have emotional holocausts raging inside your head and heart, where you want to stab everyone on Facebook and you cry because you're so depressed you can't take another day?

Seriously.... Creator? you need to review Your plans.


  1. Yes, yes, and when you're tricked into buying 'ivory' carpets right before you have kids!! Wait. That has nothing to do with the Creator, does it? But still...

  2. Well if "He" is male he deserves to be blamed....I'm with you Toni....I had the "chat" with Little Miss K recently which she took quite well until she asked "What do boys get Mummy?" to which I replied nothing and she said "That sucks big time Mum"

  3. It won't help anyone right now, but when I get "upstairs", I plan on having a long rant at that creator guy. Maybe I can get him to do a little miracle in that area.

  4. I am so with Maree's daughter.

    For me it was the realisation that this was going to happen for possibly the next 40 years. :-o


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