Friday, October 5, 2012

rental blues

This is a ranty feeling-sorry-for-myself post. Just so you know. I won't think any worse of you for clicking away now.

We live in a rented house. We pay quite a lot of money to live here, partly because it's a 5 bedroom house, and partly because if you stand in the driveway, you have a glimpse of ocean. So that's really nice.

What isn't nice is the maintenance on the house. Which is non-existent.

Our guttering has sprouted grass and is rusting through in places, because the gutters haven't been cleaned in at least 2 years, and we aren't allowed to do them.

The light-fittings are breaking, and because they're early 90s, I can't get replacement parts for them.

The huge hedge at the side of the house needs to be cut down, but we're only allowed to trim it. So that's an on-going battle, as is the grass growing into the unedged garden beds.

When we moved in, there were no net curtains at most of the windows, and the drapes are in poor condition. I can't replace them permanently, so I'm putting up El Cheapo nets and taking them down when we go.

The shed won't lock, and it floods in moderate rain. We can't keep anything in there, even though it takes up half the back yard.

The gates need replacing, the front of the house needs re-painting, the tattered awnings need to be replaced, the paving needs lifting and re-laying, and the interior needs painting as well.

In general, this poor old house, which I actually love, needs care and attention.

I've been hoping to win Lotto, so I can buy it, but my plan falls in a hole every week when I forget to buy a ticket.

I want to paint and re-fit lights and take up the hideous carpet, and make it feel loved.
But I'm not spending lots of money on a house that isn't mine, so all I can do is small things here and there, while the house falls apart around me.


  1. I'm sorry that your landlord doesnt see the value in a tenant like you...I work for a property management company and it's so frustrating when you get tenants that WANT to fix things up and take care of the home and the owners won't allow it...I'll never understand it.

    1. Hi Holly! :)

      I think there are just some people that should NEVER have gotten into real estate as an investment. They think that once you purchase a property, you never have to spend another cent and the rent will always cover the mortgage.
      Our agent gets very frustrated, too.

  2. If I win lotto, I will
    * buy it
    * rent it to you for $50 a week
    * get you to write a 'wish list'
    * make everything on the list happen!


  3. feel your pain Toni .. 100% .. for the first 18 years of our marriage we were in Defence Force Rentals .............. 30 - 40 year old ones :( :(
    Just keep 'pinning' all your hopes & dreams and one day ... you will have them all in your VERY OWN HOME xxxx

  4. Can you contact the Rental Tribunal in your city and see if something can be done about the guttering and light fittings at least? the landlord should be taking care of these things if you aren't allowed to. Re-read your lease/tenancy agreement and see what it says.

  5. I don't think I can beat Pia's response! x


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