Tuesday, January 22, 2013

C is for CLUB.

Did you know, I belong to a very exclusive club ? -- the membership is strictly limited and there are hideous and painful penalties for anyone else trying to join.

I guess it's not all that secret, because a lot of people know about it, but there is Secret Business that goes on, code words and meetings, a secret knock, and other stuff that I can't tell you about. There's a lot of sacrifice and offerings, some of them unfortunately burnt.
One of us even wears an apron, but, sadly, it has no jewels on it. Just polka dots.

We had to undergo an Initiation Ceremony, to join the club, and now we get to wear Secret Club Rings. They're plain gold, but kinda cool because there are secret words engraved on the inside of the bands.

We have a Supreme Leader, who makes all the Big Decisions, and then there's me.... I keep the clubhouse operating, and I'm in charge of a fair amount of purchasing as well.
And that's it. A Secret Club of just two. Exclusive and inclusive, one and the same.


  1. GUESS WHAT ?????? I am a member of one of those SECRET CLUBS just for TWO Toni ..... and I LURV IT !!!! (and the other member :-) ) have to say though .. don't wear an APRON :0)

  2. I've been a member of that club twice and now I'm publicly admitting that it wasn't for me.
    Just not my thing.
    I'm happier out of it.


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