Monday, March 29, 2010

a Compendium of AWESOMENESS

Could this possibly be the best day of my whole life, all forty-fi... *cough* ... thirty-plus years of it??
Firstly, my team (the Fremantle Dockers) won their first AFL** game of the season last night, and did it handsomely -- playing in a totally devastating way that makes me hope they won't suck too badly this year. In fact, the commentators (who are mostly asses) were saying they seem to have made a quantum leap. Not too sure what a quantum is, but I hope they leap there next week too.
** AFL being Australian Football League

SECONDLY -- and just as importantly -- I got my long-awaited Compendium of Curiosities today!! For the uninitiated, this is a totally awesome book written by T!m Holtz with whom I am wildly in love (artistically of course) and LOOK!


With his own hand. (tones of hushed awe)

{{my husband refers to T!ms' work as 'scrap porn' because of the OOOH-ing and AAAH-ing when I read the blog or watch the YouTube videos.}}

Can life get any better than this?


  1. "Scrap porn!" That's hilarious, and I bet there are husbands across the globe who saw the very same thing! The Compendium is awesome, isn't it?? Enjoy your new super-fantastic book, Toni! Can't wait to see what you create with the techniques1


  2. Toni you are serious awesome!!!
    You make me laugh my gorgeous friend!! Lucky, lucky you!!!
    LOL @ Jules ("Scrap porn")


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