Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my own background

After a LOT of messing around last night (trying to find old tutorial) and then a lot more messing around in Photoshop and Photobucket (getting the background made was easy, it was the sizing that nearly drove me crazy -- but maybe that was cos I'd had a few glasses of red) I finally got my new background made and loaded.
And this morning I looked at it and .... I still LIKE it! So yay for me. And yay for Wilna and her awesome Bling the Blog class.


  1. your 'redecorating' looks great Toni!!

  2. oh I do like it very much! and I like that it scrolls with me! those blogs who have a static background hurt my head. Grats Toni!!

  3. Toni, I love it!!! It's just perfect, and you did a GRAND job on your remodel!

  4. Hi Toni, thanks so much for entering my comp, the winners will be announced shortly, wishing you a wonderful day, Tiff :):):) PS lovin the new look ;o)


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