Monday, June 28, 2010

finally .....

What an insane week!
I have unpacked and moved furniture and set up electronic stuff so it WORKS (without any teenagers helping!)and now it's down to a couple of boxes of craft stuff that I need to find homes for.
We're all settled in, and loving it!
The kids have started at their new school and they love it. (the emblem is a magpie and if you knew my Princess you would know that is totally HER)
So now I finally have time to catch up on my bloggie reading.


SO -- Dancing With the Stars (Aussie) is back on and YAAAAY! I LOVE that show. I can't dance to save myself but I do so love ballroom and Latin, and more YAY to see Wirra on there. Wirra is the most AMAZING AFL player (that's Aussie football) and he just recently retired from the West Coast Eagles. Though they're not my team, he has always been a beaut bloke and I hope he does really well.


Dear Council -- must you start cutting concrete outside my house before 9 am?


  1. I love the unpacking part of moving.

  2. Glad to hear you and settling in. And welcome back to the bloggie world.

  3. that obviously was meant to say...
    glad to hear you ARE settling in...


  4. I'm glad you're getting settled in, Toni. Moving is so much work, but it sounds like everything is going beautifully! I'm looking forward to photos of your new home, whenever you have time to post them. ♥


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