Wednesday, June 9, 2010

my life in boxes....

WOW. I hate moving.

No, that's not true -- I actually don't mind moving -- I hate the chaos, I hate the mental stress, and most of all, I hate PACKING!
I start with good intentions.
I try to have LOUNGEROOM ORNAMENTS and KIDS' TOYS and BATHROOM CABINET neatly separated and boxed properly. But by the end I'm so frazzled I'll wrap a chunk of salami and my high heels in a dishtowel and throw it in the box marked STUFF.
(to paraphrase Betty McDonald)
Admittedly, this makes for an interesting week or so, unpacking at the other end.

On the plus side, I can tell you we are moving to BeachTown, and we may have found a house to move into.
And I'll be living nearby some of my best friends EVER.
So... YAY! bring on that truck!!


  1. hope all goes well with your move Toni, and YES IT IS VERY STRESSFUL!!! (we have moved 11 times!!!!) just take a deep beath and..... have another swig of wine, you'll be fine!!!!!

  2. Hi Toni I have just moved into my new place now trying to find where to put everything So I wish you luck !!!!! and hope your move goes as well as our move !!!

  3. OH YAY!! Found a place AND near your BF too!! So pleased for you. Yeah and what Noriel said take another swig.....only a few dozen to get thru!!

  4. Hang in there, girlfriend! It will all be worth it!

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  6. Ha Ha, I KNEW that was Betty MacDonald. I have several of her books. I hate the packing chaos too, but I LOVE unpacking and arranging at the other end.


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