Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why can't mornings start later?

I admit it, I am NOT a morning person. Picture Garfield, snarling his way to the coffee machine -- yep, minus the stripes, that's me.
Ii's even worse when I sleep in. Like this morning.
Or when it's really cold out. Like this morning.
No-one wanted to get up, or eat breakfast, or get dressed, or find their shoes. Handsome Son developed a mysterious pain in the leg that caused him to hobble dramatically (arms wheeling for balance) and whinge non-stop.
The Princess's curls were all knotted and she cried piteously while I combed it out.
My coffee was cold by the time I got to take my first sip, and I felt like this

(minus the baby. And no post-it notes either)

I hate it when days start that way. Even though I know the kids will come bouncing through the door this afternoon, I always feel like a bad mum when we begin our days frazzled and crabby.
Mother-Guilt. Isn't it wonderful?


  1. Goz. A very good friend reminded me of the joys of motherhood, one being when you're phoned by the police and wondering what the bet was THIS TIME..... ( =/

  2. Toni... what is this "mother guilt" you speak of??? NEVER HEARD OF IT!!!!!!! NO SUCH THING woman!!!!!! hehehehe

  3. LOL -- I just wish KIDS got guilt too!

  4. My kids seem to excel at whingyness in the mornings, especially when it's time to head out the door. And yeah, it doesn't make for a good start, does it?!

  5. gah... we not that bad surely???


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