Thursday, June 17, 2010

Veggie Tales

I don't know how this works.

GorgeousGeorge (who is 17) eats vegetables if you ram them into his mouth and pinch his nose shut till he chews and swallows. Then he turns pale and gulps for about 10 minutes, all the time looking at you with watery, puppydog eyes.

The other two LOVE their veg.
One isn't keen on tomato -- the other eats them like lollies.
They love cucumber, capsicum, raw beans; they eat carrots by the kilo.
The Princess usually orders a salad when we eat out (and she's 5. Amuses the waitresses no end)
They sneak beans in the veg section at the supermarket, and will also attempt to steal the broccoli from your plate. Yes, you read that right. MY KIDS LOVE BROCCOLI. More than boogers, even.
But last nights' dessert wins the Veggie Tale of Awesomeness Prize. The Princess ate her icecream with frozen peas sprinkled on top.


  1. She's unique, ur Princess.

    (Just like all the family)

  2. LMAO!! What a classic!
    Mitch would do this cos he pinches frozen peas as I'm putting them in the saucepan

  3. LOL Terri, ask him if he wants peas-and-icecream for dessert....

    and yeah, she is unique alright!

  4. That is so funny.
    How is the packing going Toni..I have finished and now unpacked but no internet till next Wednesday

  5. hi Ann -- nearly done. I'm leaving here Sat morning, and we move in Sun lunch-time.
    NO NET TILL WED, I would die. Hope you love your new house (:

  6. The only thing my kids did with peas was flick them around the room, just like daddy taught them to....

  7. I had a friend who told me, she and her brother used to shove their peas down behind the bench they used at the dining table.
    One day, their mum tried to pull it out from the wall, but it was glued on by all the dried out peas!

  8. I was telling Mitch about this and his eye's lit up! He wants icecream and frozen peas!!!

  9. ROFL --- maybe The Princess has started a TREND!

  10. LOL! Frozen peas???? That's incredibly keen.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  11. You lost me at peas! Worst.Vege.Ever!

    My 18 yo loves and has always loved any raw vegetable. When cutting up for cooking I would have to make extra for him. It's great to see!


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