Friday, June 4, 2010

fourteen years....

So. Fourteen years ago, I was doing this:

(not actual picture)

And I got one of these:

(actual picture)

And in theory, today should be his fourteenth birthday. But instead he is forever 48 days old.

I know times are hard and there are a million worthy causes out there, but please, please think about donating to Red Nose Day on June 25th. SIDS is still killing babies.


  1. My thoughts are with you today Toni, xxxxxxx

  2. It touches my heart every time you write about him Toni. We are about to go out now, to say happy birthday.

  3. Happy birthday little one.
    Big squishy hugs for you Toni

  4. I'm so, so sorry for your loss Toni. Happy birthday to your sweet angel. xo

  5. So sad thinking of you Toni {{HUGS}}

  6. **Hugs**

    I've been giving to SIDS & Kids for years, and now I actually use their services so it feels like it's paid off. Even if I hadn't lost a son, I would have continued to give to them, and Bonnie Babes. Such terrific work they do...

  7. It's easy to see, only from your blog, what an amazing woman you are.

    So, it is with great confidence that I say: Those 48 days were filled with more love than had existed ever before.

    I'm sorry the time was so short.

  8. My thoughts are with you Toni..
    I have just ordered a heap of merchandise from Sids to sell at school

  9. Love you big sis xox


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