Sunday, March 13, 2011

knitting and voodoo

I love the idea of knitting but I'm not so good on the actual DOING of it.

I'm slow, and my technique drives 'real' knitters mad. Also, I can't knit without my tongue poking out and I swear and mutter a lot, as I drop stitches and add in new ones arbitrarily, lose count of rows and try (in vain) to tell the difference between the 'front' and the 'back'.

I'm most attracted to small projects that don't require a lot of thought, like scarves, although this doesn't always work out so well, as you'll see if you follow that link back.

For some time now, I've been wanting to make myself a voodoo doll. And so I did.


Obviously, I can't do real voodoo, or there would be a few less Problem People in the world.
Also, I know there will be at least one of my own hairs knitted into him, so it would be kind of stupid to invest him with magical, painful powers, yes?

(And, if you feel the need to turn me from my certain slide into hell, how about you pray for me instead of sending me hate mail, k?)

For the rest of us, he needs a little 'something'. I'm thinking, a red felt heart.... but I'm not quite sure. Any suggestions?


  1. how about a bandaid on one of his legs???? When I try ti knit I end up with a tangled mess that is so tight you cant get the needles into

  2. He is soooo cute. How about an earring? a jumpring would be ideal.

  3. OOOH! awesome ideas, girls, thanks!

  4. Ohhh Toni how cute..
    what about a little tongue hanging out..

  5. LOL ANN!!!!

    He's gorgeous Toni, and i like the idea of a heart but how about a broken heart??? So fitting for a vengeful little voodoo!!! ROFL!!!

  6. OH Toni..... he is sooooo cute !!! i like the idea of a tiny red heart !!!! and maybe a "nose ring" hehehehehee !!!!

  7. Ha! Love it!! But maybe a heart is out of character for a voodoo doll?? But some BLING on the other hand, would work beautifully! I'm thinking leather thong (maybe with red plastic heart), gold wire & feather bracelet or even a loincloth with voodoo doll charms hanging off it?

    In my defence I reiterate that the creative gene bypassed me completely ...

  8. HMMMM those have given me some ideas....

  9. that voodoo doll is very cute!

  10. Cute doll. I like Red Nomad's idea, a leather thong around his waist or neck with miniature voodo items hanging off it, like teeth, bones, feathers, a chicken foot. I don't know where you'd get these things, maybe a cake place that specialises in themed cakes would have plastic decorations?


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