Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the biggest difference between boys and girls...

.... is, apparently, spiders.

The Princess screamed in panic when she spotted a Daddy Long Legs in the bathroom.

Mr 10 ran off and got his Nerf gun and shot its' leg off, laughing maniacally.

Mr 18 was very impressed and the two boys discussed how its' leg looked like a four, and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Boys are weird.

P.S. I do actually know that Daddy Long Legses aren't really spiders. But they should be.


  1. Really?? They are not spiders??
    Well I wont be so scared of them next time!!
    What are they then?

  2. Some kind of insect. APPARENTLY they only have six legs, but since those legs are about a foot long each I don't see why that should be allowed to make a difference!

  3. Poor Magoo has some maturing to do before he can be a real live boy!!
    He informed me today he doesn't like "piders or snakes."

  4. I have to admit that the only "spiders" I do not care for are Daddy Long Legs... and only because I can never figure out which direction they are going to go. When I was (much much) younger and went to Girl Scout summer camps, we would wake in the morning with millions of the nasty things in the corners of the tents and it would freak me out thinking that during the night they had climbed all over me! ;)

  5. They look like spiders, they spin webs like spiders, and I smack 'em flat just like I do any other spider that dares to enter MY domain! If they stay outside where they belong, fine, I'll let them live.


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