Thursday, November 17, 2011


Yesterday, at school, I pulled into the first empty space I came to, and realised mine was one in a row of seven silver cars.


day a) it is raining outside, grey and windy, all the way through breakfast and while the kids are putting their uniforms and finding their shoes. I take the umbrella (feeling very parental) and when we get to school (7 minutes away) there is no rain.

day b) it is sunny out, and stays sunny through the breakfast eating and the uniform-putting-onning, and the shoe finding (why it it there's always one child who can't find its' shoes???)
and we get to school and it's pouring. And the umbrella is snug and dry at home.


My dogs sleep next to each other in the exact same positions, but heads at opposite ends.


Is the universe just messing with me this week?


  1. Love it. The small details are the most interesting, don't you find? I am very impressed that you managed to take an umbrella even once. Parent Of The Year. The lack of rain makes no difference.

  2. sounds like maybe it is Toni !!!! :)

  3. That seems a lot like always carrying a hankie. (like my mum taught me). You'll always need it the day you don't have it.

  4. I guess it depends on whether you believe in coincidence or not.
    I haven't figured out if I do.
    Some days it really does feel like there's more at play.
    Maybe when I grow up, I'll get it.


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