Monday, June 18, 2012

1,2, skip a few, 29,30

OK -- I started this month with a plan to blog each day based on FatMumSlims' photo-a-day-June list.

I made it till last weekend, then we had a massive storm that knocked out our power for 2 days and since then I've not been able to pick up the rhythm again.

 BUT -- I'm back in the groove and today is
  DAY 18 -- something we don't know about you.

I had to think about this. I'm famous for inappropriate disclosure. There isn't much I haven't told SOMEONE, SOMETIME.

 However, Dear Internets, most of you haven't met me and so most likely you don't know that I have a sneezing issue.

 You see, most people sneeze at a socially acceptable sound level.
It's audible but not a problem.

 And I have had friends who sneezed like kittens.

 *tsh* *tsh*

 Tiny little kittens. Tiny little sneezes.

 Not me.
 I usually feel the sneeze coming for up to a minute beforehand, and can't think or speak coherently while it's on it's way.
I pull all the faces, hold my finger under my nose, push my tongue up on the roof of my mouth, close my eyes, open my eyes -- all the tricks.
 Then I explode with the loudest sneezes of anyone I've ever heard. It's embarrassing.

How about you? what don't we know about YOU?


  1. I so love your words here, "I am famous for inappropriate disclosure". So yes!

  2. What don't you know about me?
    Oh, lots of stuff.
    Lots and lots and lots of stuff.
    One thing in particular?
    I hate grey as a house colour.


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