Saturday, June 30, 2012

the shirt off your back

How do you take off your shirt?

My guess is, you're a girl, and you cross your arms, grab the hem of your shirt, and pull it up over your head.

Boys, though. MOST boys (not all) will drag the back of the shirt up and over the back of their heads.

Ever notice that?

PS. do NOT Google 'boy/girl take shirt off'..... just sayin'.


  1. hee hee you are absolutely right !!!!!

  2. I currently have bursitis in both shoulders, so can't do the crossed arms thing. I take my t-shirt off the man way and the neck is all stretched out now.

  3. Interesting! Never thought about that, but it's true. Wonder why.

  4. OMG, they do don't they! Good observation.


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