Thursday, June 7, 2012


DAY SEVEN -- drink

Here's a little secret that hardly anyone knows (or cares about).
My husband drinks like the Solo guy.

(not my real husband)

Or like this guy

(also not my real husband) (or my fake one)

I don't know how.

I drink in sips, or middle-sized swallows if I'm desperately thirsty. But Fabio just opens his throat and pours it down in litres.

Thank God he doesn't drink beer that way.

Does your husband have a cool weird party trick?


  1. My uncle drank like that when I was a kid and it fascinated me. My husband can cry on cue. He can be perfectly happy, but will say "watch me cry!" And sure enough, shaky bottom lip, tears, the whole thing.

    1. Far out!! that musta been a handy skill when he wanted to get out of school.

  2. No current husband and you already know my ex's tricks. I won't sully your blog page with that info!

  3. my DH drinks like the Solo man also! He just opens up that mouth of his and gulps it down in about 2 swallows. Usually follwed by an earth shattering belch.........eeewwwww

  4. I drink in sips too, unless it's water in summer, that goes down somewhat faster.

    1. I feel like I'm drowning if I try to drink fast. G&Ts seem to go down pretty quick though. Still little sips, just lots of 'em!!


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