Monday, June 25, 2012

Quick, catch up!

So. Let's abandon the pretense that I'm EVER going to get back to the photo-a-day thing, because I've blown it really.

This month has thrown a number of unexpected events at me, and I don't cope with the unexpected.

(Unless it involves a new iPad. Which I'm typing this on. Because my husband is awesome sauce, even without new iPads but especially so with.)

Anyway, I've had a Big Storm knock the fence down and the power out, had some bothersome health issues, and taken a trip to Melbourne.
(Melbourne is all very well as far as cities go.... But my idea of heaven is to not be able to see another light at night)

I have a good book to read (A Song of Ice and Fire) and a good game to play (Journey) -- no time for blogging!

There always seems to be plenty of time for Pinterest though, have you noticed that? I'm sure I could Pin in my sleep if I had to.


  1. I second that Laraine !!!!! you never know what is just around the corner .... embrace it and ... HAVE FUN !!!!!

  2. You see, I read the long list of 'unexpected' and then I read the list of accomplishments (inc Pinterst, may I add) and I am exhausted.

    You manage to just get on with it, anyway. Booldy legend! ;)


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