Tuesday, March 5, 2013

a giggle. And a song.

We just had a long weekend, and spent yesterday at a barbie with friends. I drank a lot of cocktails, and while I'm not hungover (no,really!), I AM very tired. And in need of a giggle.

Thus, I bring you a selection of giggles from my Pinterest board.

You're very welcome.

Worlds' worst hunting dog....

 (this one brought to you indirectly by Allison Tait)
and the song?


  1. I totally did not see that white girl sunbathing until you pointed her out!!
    Love the hound dog being followed by the fox.

  2. Tee he! I have not forgotten the song, but the singer? Totally. Thanks for the giggles. I hope your non-hangover is over x


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