Saturday, March 16, 2013

J is for jiggle-no-more....

.... or at least, jiggle-less.

So, since moving house, I've lost weight. Brought on in part, no doubt, by having to get OFF my ass, and do stuff.

I keep catching sight of myself in mirrors (this house is filled with the wretched things) and admiring my new, stream-lined shape.

I feel so much better, and in my eyes, I look better. There is still a jiggle when I walk, but it's not so much like a tsunami threatening to knock me off my feet, and is now like a gentle reminder that I need to NOT have that second TimTam, and I should maybe take the dogs for a walk or do some gardening.

BUT... winter is coming. Let's see how I fare through 4 or 5 months of rain and cold and comfort food.


  1. I'm facing the same fear. I've managed to drop some kgs, and worried about packing them (and some friends) back on over winter.

    1. Well, I guess all we can do is keep an eye on it, and try to minimise the damage.

      Fingers crossed!

  2. The comfort food is going to be my downfall. I'll have to remember to serve my meals on tiny plates. And not go back for seconds. Perhaps if I don't make desserts......

    1. There's always a way, but the most inportant part is having some WILLPOWER (or WON'T poweer).
      This is where I fall down big time!


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