Friday, March 15, 2013

i is for Ita

There's an interview with Ita in todays' Daily Telegraph.

Hop over and have a quick look. It won't take long.

Ita says that womens' magazines are boring. I agree.

I don't buy any 'womens' magazines' any more. I sometimes pick up a copy of one of the cooking mags, if there's a dish on the cover that grabs my attention.
But the likes of No Idea and the rest have no appeal at all for me, being full of gossip and light-weight fluff. Cleo and Cosmo are too aggressively sexual, and aimed at a demographic I have no desire to be part of.
And craft magazines -- no, thanks.

I want to read about real issues. Real women. And MEN, dammit! Not some 20 year old singer who looks like a girl. (and sings like one)
Why aren't there magazines for women like me, who are interested in something beyond that latest hyped up non-story about Kates' baby, how to give great oral sex, or knit a cardigan, or some fakery palm-reading fortune teller garbage?

What do you think? Do you buy magazines? do you enjoy them? would you like to see something different?

(my husband is politely requested NOT to buy the magazines with articles about how to give great oral sex. Thankyou)


  1. Hooo-yah I'm with you Toni. I too no longer buy so called womens magazines. One of the things that really gets my goat is the so called "Super Mum" stories where a celebrity "gushes about how wonderful motherhood is and how hard it is to "balance" their work wit family!!! I bet they would find it a lot harder without the Nanny(s) cooks minders and the rest of the entourage!! Not to mention the "How to whip your body back down to a size 6 in just 2 weeks after having your baby"...and dare I say the "how to feed the entire family on two slices of bread, a zuchinni and a pickled onion for a fortnight" articles!!!

  2. I'm also with you on this one Toni ... haven't bought *women's mags* for years .. full of adevertising and unrealistic expectations of what we as women are led to believe we SHOULD look like, dress like, eat, cook and worst of all THINK !!!!!

    load of trash !!!!

    1. And don't you love how they are so self-congratulatory when they do an article or a fashion spread with a 'bigger' girl?

  3. I used to buy magazines and do the crossword puzzles, the "holiday editions" had a whole holiday puzzles section that I loved, but this was way back when magazines were much cheaper. There's no way I'd buy them now, I never did read the articles anyway. Now I just buy puzzle books, same price, many more crosswords.

    1. I hear you, River. I used to do the crosswords too, but puzzle books are SO much better!


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