Monday, April 29, 2013

I can't tell if it's her or me.

I am sitting at my computer when my 8 year old daughter stomps past.


Here is the conversation that ensued.

me: "Are you angry?"

8 yo : "YES!"

me: "Why?"

8 yo: "Because (my brother) is being MEAN TO ME!!!!!!!!" (this is some sort of criminal offence)

me: "What is he doing?"

8 yo: "He's not letting me DO WHAT I WANT TO DO!!!!!!!!!" (also a criminal offence)

me: "Well, what did you want to do?"

8 yo: "I want to play that my imaginary friend is in my body; and he is FORCING HER OUT!!!!"

So. Is my 11 year old son an exorcist? is my daughter an drama queen? am I slowly going crazy here?

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  1. This immediately made me think of Ghostbusters, when the Bill Murray character wanted to talk to Dana who was currently inhabited by Zool.
    "I want to talk to Dana now"
    "there is no Dana, only Zool"


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