Friday, April 19, 2013

while shopping....

* two people commented on my T-shirt.

This led to animated discussions over 10 and 11. No-one mentioned 9. Sorry, Chris.

* the guy in the deli at Woollies was wearing a name-badge that said KILLER.

When I blinked, it said KALEB.

I'll be watching him closely.

* a cute little girl with her hair in blonde pigtails skipped up the footpath, chattering to herself. Everyone smiled, and got out of her way.

* a lady hopped out of her car, singing happily. Everyone smiled.

* a bloke in the checkout disputed his change (I think he was right) and was so rude, he made the checkout chick cry.

The disputed amount of change? five cents.

What a hero.

* at the lights, the car in front of me, and the car beside me, both stalled when the lights went green. Within a heartbeat, people were beeping horns and shouting. I'm so glad it wasn't me.


  1. Love the t shirt!
    Rude customers are the reason we checkout chooks should get hazard pay. They almost always have foul breath and get right up in your face when disputing something.

    1. This guy was REALLY sneery and condescending, and it was so un-necessary.
      I did my best to console her, poor kid, but really, just have some manners, sir!


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