Sunday, April 7, 2013

shut the door

My two-at-home-kids are not yet door-slammers.

My older kids were. One time each. There is a cure.

One I bet my mum wished she had known about, because I was a Champion Door-Slammer. Defiant, loud, deliberate. SLAM.

And Mum had not just me to contend with, but also my two sisters.
There's only 3 years between us all (well 35 months, if you want to get technical) and that must might have been cute when we were little and people used to mistake us for twins and a singlet.
However, when puberty hit, it hit hard. I was a cantankerous and moody bitch, so nothing much has changed there, but the sisters followed closely behind.

To the best of my recollection, one slammed occasionally, the other saw it as a personal challenge when doors remained on their hinges. Just like me. (so proud)

However, no WAY was I going to allow my own kids to slam doors! I devised an Evil Plan.
If they slammed a door, I made them open and close it 10 times quietly.

Instant cure.

Bet you wish you'd thought of that in time to cure me, Mum. XXX


  1. I once worked with a man who would slam the door to our secure vault office just to watch me jump. He said it was because he needed to make sure the door actually closed, but I never had a problem closing and securing it quietly. When he was away on business travel for two weeks, I arranged to have a mechanism attached that would prevent the door from being slammed, but also ensure that it was closed securely no matter what. The look on his face was priceless the first day he got back and he tried to slam the door to scare me to announce his arrival. I don't get mad ... I just get even. :)

  2. My mum gave us three warnings, and then took the door off it's hinges and hung a curtain instead. It's really hard to slam a curtain!

    1. DAMN! and, how cranky would you be if the curtain feel down?

  3. We weren't door slammers, but the step kids were and mum would make them open and close the door quietly several times too. It was their father's idea, since they had been slammers before mum even met him.

    1. It really works! my kids still talk about it, they said it was torture.

  4. I'm afraid mine learned the habit from me. I'll have to try your idea.


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