Thursday, April 18, 2013

O -- the guilt

The Princess woke up this morning, sooky and complaining. (this is not a completely foreign start to the day for her.)

She said she felt unwell. I checked. Slight temp, possibly imagination. She said she had a headache. No way I could check that, so I gave her Panadol and sent her to school.

Of course, now she has a higher temp, and she's flushed, with a headache AND a sore 'neck', and a bit of a cough. She should have been in bed today, not spreading her cold to all her classmates.

Guilt. I has it.


  1. My kids were so disgustingly healthy that I knew a temperature shouldn't be ignored. It's harder when you have kids, as some of my friends did, who ran a temperature at the mere thought of a Math test.

    1. Yes, that is my dilemma!

      If I send them to school, they're probably sick. If I let them stay home, they're probably faking it.


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