Wednesday, February 24, 2010

EXTREME scrapping

Check out these FUNKY old burned flowers! Maria is going to LOVE this technique, I can tell.

I saw this over at Little Birdie Secrets, and it looked pretty easy but with enough danger to feel quite adventurous! I've often said scrapping is a bloodsport (it is for me, anyway) but truly you can't do much damage with this technique as long as you take it slowly (OH and don't work under or near the smoke alarm *winks*)
You simply rough-cut some circles or flower shapes from your fabric scraps (tulle, taffeta, satin, organza etc), then wave the edges quickly through a candle flame so that they melt. If you like the grungy look, keep the black bits, but if you're after something a little softer, trim the edges with a sharp pair of scissors. Experiment with different layers and sizes.
Stitch the layers together with beads or buttons to finish off.
Some of mine are waiting for some buttons I bought on eBay -- but the black one uses a button I got in a swap from the lovely MareeG.


  1. OMG that black one is stunning......geeezz I have to hit spotlight AGAIN!!!

  2. Ohhhhh Toni I love love love them..
    and Toni how is everything going ???
    I hope you issssss fit well healthy happy wealthy and enjoying life.

  3. So love these Toni, you were right about that lol unless there is another Maria your talking about lol...
    I need to get some material to make some of those thanks for sharing...
    Hurry up and take a photo of you in your dress I wanna see

  4. love them, i will have to have a go at these.

  5. Those are gorgeous!!! I love the glitzy button, and I hope you'll post photos of the flowes you complete when your eBay treasures arrive. Bravo, girlfriend!!!

  6. ok so umm.. best i give you the scraps and I stick to sewing...

    Jessica will tell you I nearly burnt the house down. She and I must have some kind of wicked connection cos she wasn't even home at the time!!


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