Friday, February 26, 2010

why all the little pictures?

I have long loved dollshouses. I had a couple as a little girl, and got interested in making miniatures about 14 years ago. I used to have a lovely Georgian style house, complete with lighting, but I gave it away when we moved to this teeny little house we live in at the moment.
I still have the furniture, and lots and lots of stuff I've made or collected over the years, so I'm all ready for the day when the kids grow up enough to not fiddle, and a room to keep the house in.


  1. Toni, your little dollhouse pieces are utterly wonderful! How in the world do you work in such a small scale and get such beautiful detail? The bunny slippers ROCK! And the chair?? Holy cow, you MADE that?? I'm in awe. Well done!!!

  2. Toni what a beautiful little world such detail!!!!!
    Amazing hobby and I bet Katie loves everything

  3. Toni, these are AMAZING, i agree with ANN... a fantastic hobby!!!

  4. Toni ilove your minitures. nNow it all clicks together. dolhouses... minitures... Im not slow!!!


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