Friday, February 26, 2010

various special things....

I made the chair from wood scraps -- before I knew how to upholster -- so bit hard on the bottom I think, but it looks OK at least.
The rug I stitched from a pattern, and I thought of and made the bunny slippers myself.

I made the wreath from twigs of a peppi tree in my garden, dampened and twisted together. The apple slices are Sculpey clay, painted. There were more dried flowers on too, but they have succumbed to the years of storage :(


  1. I'm so glad you put these up, they are really special. I still have the ones you made for me. xxx

  2. Hi from a fellow 'downunder' blogger:)

    I love your minis Toni! When are you going to do some more???

    I followed you over here from your comment on Terri's blog about her gorgeous mixed media schoolhouse.

    I've got quite a stash of scrapook supplies, and two empty albums (travel and family history) but usually the only time these supplies see the light of day is when I raid them for minis ;) Oh well, one of these days...


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