Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Storage is a problem we all have.... for me, out of sight is truly out of mind,; if I can't see my stash, I forget I have it. Because I have only a small space to scrap in, I have to be careful in how I store it, making sure that it's accessible as well. Having to move boxes and ferret around under the desk isn't the ideal!
So when I saw these storage drawers from Kaiser, I thought of about a million ways to decorate them.... and a million things to store in them!
In the end, this is what I came up with:

One box is still un-claimed -- I will probably use it to store my charms in.
The TOOLS drawer holds my corner rounder and CutterBee piercing bugs.
I have my T!m metal stuff all in one spot (word keys, metal corners etc)
and finally a spot for my iPod so I know where to find it!
The drawers are surprisingly large, and I would love to get more! Katies' room definitely needs a set, and Jacks' room, and Gages' room, and ......


  1. WOWSER Toni....I sooooo love how you have covered them xxxx

  2. So love what you have done to those drawers of your's it looks amazing...

  3. These drawers are just could always make some for me!!! mwah!

  4. These look FABULOUS Toni!!!! you've done a great job!!!!

  5. They are brilliant Toni. i love how you have decorated them

  6. I want I want. I gotta order some!
    Love love love how you have decorated them

  7. Toni when you put these together were they easy to do? Do you need glue or anything to hold your drawers together?

  8. Amazing work! I love them and I bet they are really handy!


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