Thursday, February 25, 2010

so much for the scrapping diet....

So yesterday I walked into the local shop and the man with the van full of Kaisercraft-y goodness was RIGHT THERE. What's a girl to do???
I'm sure you can all guess what happened next.... I left $70 poorer but loaded down with all manner of lovely things....
But the guilt got to me. As soon as my poor hard-working husband got home, he said "How was your day, Beautiful?" and I leaned my head on his chest and confessed.
"I was naughty."
He laughed. "How much?" he said.
I told him... and he laughed again and said "Well, you held out for weeks, so it doesn't matter."



  1. Toni you tooooo funny.
    and you only spent $70 that is nothing no wonder hubby laughed.

  2. Dieting is bad for us, anyway, don't you think?

    As for Mr. Toni: He's an example that ALL men should try to emulate. If he ever gives lessons, I know a bunch of women who'll sign their husbands up immediately. ;-)

  3. So what did you buy come on I wanna know what kind of goodies you got, I'm waiting for hubby to get home so I can place my order at my2angels Tracy has just got in Websters...

  4. between you and me there is very little of the Q3 stuff left.. I spent $70 today. I SO DONT NEED IT!! but LaDiDa is just tooooo cute. and I shoulda stole the foiled paper out of your Devonshire 6" pad, cos I love it and am tempted to buy the whole pad for 2 sheets!! lmao. ummah


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