Thursday, June 23, 2011

coughing and sneezing and snobbles, oh my!

I'm now in the third week of having this awful virus.

I'm not coughing as much, and I haven't had a sneezing fit so far today, so I figure I might actually be going to get better soon.

Also, the litres of snobble I was producing has dwindled to a mere handful per day (damn those cheap tissues)...

... all of which means that my blog could get back to regular transmission soon.

This may or may not be a good thing.


  1. It's a good thing!! Trust me. Always love how you make me laugh! :)
    Hope you're feeling better soon too. These coughs are definitely hanging around longer than usual...

  2. DEFINITELY a good thing Toni !!!!!! hope you get better soon xxx

  3. Why are you buying cheap tissues? When you have a cold you need to pamper yourself. Get the good tissues. Extra large, extra soft, aloe vera and so on.

  4. River I ran through 3 big boxes of the strong soft tissues, and all I had left was a little box of cheapies. YUCK!!

  5. So I can blame your visit for my own version of this dreaded flu?
    (sniff, blowwwww, cough, sneeze)


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