Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Last night, the kids did their very first karate grading.

So we had ironed ghis, and plaited hair (on the Princess, at least) and they did their stances and strikes and blocks, and then answered a bunch of questions, and next week they find out if they get a yellow ribbon on their belts.

But no-one is giving me a yellow ribbon, for the washing of those WHITE ghis, twice a week, and the ironing, and the plaiting, and the forcing-them-to-practise, and the ironing, and the quizzing, and the ironing.
I think I should get a yellow ribbon. Don't you?
And did I mention the ironing?

Afterwards, we went to Maccas (for a treat, if you were the kids, or torture, if you were me) and on the way home the Princess let out an excited squeal because she had just discovered


and she wriggled it and poked it all the way home, chattering away about wobbly toofs, and how some-people-in-her-class fink the Toof Fairy is real (can you imagine?) and how much money will Dad give her (which I had to reign in a little -- I think $20 is a tad OTT, would you agree? I'm sure Dad will thank me.)
And when we got home, she showed me the blood spots all over the front of her clean white ironed ghi.



  1. $20?? I thought 20c was pretty cool when I was a kid- admittedly quite a few years ago now ...

    Maybe the toof-fairy gets danger money now??

  2. Yeah I reckon we used to get 20 c as well.... long time ago, eh?

  3. I think I used to get about 50 cents... My kid get $2, from the tooth fairy.. If my kids didn't believe in the tooth fairy, they wouldn't get the money.. Why would I pay for their teeth? I have no use for them.

  4. Crikey, $20?!? No way in hell the toof fairy in this neck of the woods could fork that out. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble!
    Oh man, you have to iron karate uniforms weekly as well??? Mate. That deserves more than a ribbon!

  5. Toni you are a legend....ironing those ghi's twice a bad I dont bother!! $20 for a tooth hey? Good little entrepreneur you have their Toni!!
    Question.....did they pass their grading??

  6. $20 a toof is a whole $800 for the mouth! Steep!!

    A gold coin at our place... when the fairy remembers. The fairy spends a lot of time writing notes in glitter fairy pen explaining why she couldn't visit on the other two nights that the toof was under the pillow... x


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