Monday, June 6, 2011


It's cold outside. Like, 4 degrees kind of cold.

And so (not unreasonably) I have the fire lit. Only now I can't think because my feet are hot.

I also can't think if my glasses are dirty, if I have an eyelash in my eye, or my hands are sticky.

I think my wiring was done by The Dodgy Brothers.


  1. Those Dodgy Brothers get around don't they? Before I get started with anyhting that requires thinking I have to comb my hair and pull my socks straight.

  2. Minus 4 degrees here, and a frozen toilet:) Happy winter:P

  3. It gets 4 degrees there?!!! Oh, now I want to move to Western Australia! That is the one thing I will miss about the US. A real winter. Sydney is just too mild. I adore COLD (not hugely sub-freezing like we get here), but 4 degrees - YUM).

    But I'm sorry your feeling poorly.


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