Saturday, June 18, 2011

swishy hair

The Princess has mad curly hair. (Think Shirley Temple on steroids).
It's thick and springy and we have to spray conditioner through it every day just to drag a comb through.
And forget brushing!!

Being six, she can't understand why strangers comment on how beautiful her hair is. She just wants it to be straight and shiny and swishy. And I totally get that, because my hair, unstraightened, looks like the stringy fibre you find inside a coconut.

Sometimes, she gives me the puppy-dog eyes. See?

note : image may differ from actual child

And what's a mum to do? I straighten her hair.

So now she's prancing around the house, swishing and flicking and draping herself on the door frames.
I know it's not good for her hair but she feels a million bucks. Hard to resist.


  1. I am sure she 'looks' a million bucks as well Toni !!! good on ya Mum xxxxx

  2. Feeling a million bucks is so worth it. There are products to help protect the hair from heat damage caused by straighteners. I bet the curly hair is just as gorgeous. My son deals with his curls by shaving his head.

  3. It's lovely that you take the time to do that.
    My hair has always been dead straight, and seeing the trouble my curly-haired mother and brother have had, I'm glad all I have to do is brush it, and I'm good to go.


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