Friday, June 24, 2011

a spot of rain

We had a little rain today.
my front verandah

the view from my bedroom

the 'patio' (which is actually a floodplain)

the drainage ditch on the way down to the beach, normally has a few inches of water in it.
Today, the tide washed back up it, as well as all the rainwater emptying into it. The white floaty things are mostly cuttlefish from off the beach.

the drainage ditch, looking back towards the house; it came within maybe two centimetres of overflowing.

our 'winter storm' beach, complete with weed.

the track back to the house, complete with high tide mark!

I was at the supermarket when the rain started. And it absolutely BELTED down. By the time I threw the groceries into the boot and got onto the double lane highway, the water was running gutter to gutter. It was a slow trip home! There was so much water I thought the car might conk out, but by staying back a bit from the car in front, I was able to see where the worst and deepest water was.

When I got home, my poor dog was huddled up against the back wall of the house, there literally wasn't a dry inch anywhere. So she's been inside in front of the fire all afternoon.

The whole street in front of the house was underwater and I was concerned I might not get out to pick the kids up from school, but it stopped raining about 20 minutes before I had to leave.
The good news is, the water drained away quickly. The bad news is, I'm not sure it's over!

UPDATE -- according to Weatherzone we've had over 43 mm since 9 am. (most of it between 11 and 2 pm)


  1. WOW !!! that is a LOT of rain !!!!!

  2. Wet, wet, wet!
    We're under seige here too.
    Turns out the gutters needed cleaning!

  3. a bit waterlogged hey!

    take care! xx

  4. That's a downpour alright! I love how close you are to the beach. Do you collect the seaweed for your garden?

  5. Hi Toni

    Let's hope all that rain washes away your vile virus . . . ps - you should see all the mushrooms in my front lawn since we had that rain. Woo!

    Love Pia

  6. Far out! That's an incredible amount of rain. And that's saying something from a Taswegian! :)


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