Friday, September 16, 2011

bikie girl

The Princess has re-discovered the leather jacket her dad bought her last year, and has been busily imagining outfits to wear it with.
She's decided it would be awesome to have a black skirt and black boots and black sunglasses to go with her black jacket.....
and then realised she would be a BIT embarrassed to be a bikie girl when she still has training wheels on her bike....

Oh WAIT -- did you hear a thud? that was the sound of Fabio fainting and falling out of his chair as he read this and imagined his Princess as a bikie chick....


  1. Yikes! But you've gotta love a leather jacket and biker boots. The training wheels might spoil the look somewhat though... x

  2. Oh, I say go the bikie chick look with training wheels. She would so totally rock!! Hehe!! ;)

  3. I think that mini biker would look so cute, with the training wheels.

  4. Love it!
    Go rock that bike - training wheels and all!


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