Thursday, September 29, 2011

a toy story.

Oh, Buzz.

You joined our family way back when Mr 9 was Mr 3, and you've been his constant companion since then.
You slept with him every night, you comforted him when he was sad or sick, you came with us on every holiday and weekend trip.
Once we left you in the airport shop, remember that? hahaha... and we nearly missed our plane because we couldn't leave you behind!

Good times, Buzz, good times.

Remember the time the piece fell out of your chin? or when your - ahem - crotch split and I had to sew you up? Sorry about that. I was as gentle as I knew how.

I'm sorry about the times I chucked you in the washing machine too, I guess it probably felt a bit like Infinite and Beyond in there, but MY didn't you scrub up well? and you certainly smelled a lot fresher afterwards.
And remember, how Mr 3-9 would wait impatiently for you to come out and then he'd hug you even though you were still a bit wet?
He didn't mind.

Remember how we used to sing "You've Got A Friend In Me" to you in the car? and you never complained when we got the words a bit muddled up.

You've been slept on, sat on, spat on, and spewed on. You've been the best friend my boy ever had.

Today I found you in his wardrobe, jumbled in on top of the shoes, with only an old robot for company.

When I asked him why you were there, he said "Mum, I'm getting a bit old for him. I'm nearly 10, now."

And my heart broke a little, and I hoped you didn't hear that.

So I rescued you from the shoes, and dusted you off, and sat you up in the bookshelf, where you can keep watch over my boy ....

.... as you have for 6 long years now.


  1. Toni, what a lovely story, you write so well xxx

  2. Awww.
    Bless em - your boy & Buzz.
    Don't feel too despondant. We all know what adventures Buzz and the gang get up to when we'rwe not looking!
    Gorgeous post.

  3. Thank you for making sure Buzz was where Mr9 could be watched over. I'm sure Buzz appreciates it too.

    I think Mr9-going-on-30 will quietly wink at Buzz each time he passes by :)


  4. Mr 9 may think he's a bit too old for Buzz now, but in ten or twenty more years, he'll be glad you didn't pass Buzz on to the op shop.

  5. Aw, Toni. That sweet story was about so much more than a toy. Loved it. x

  6. Oh I just love this. Mr7 has Bronte Bear. Similar to Buzz, only more... bearish. So far she is still close at hand. I dread the day I find her under the bed, choking on dust.

  7. Oh I love this post! As I sit here reading it my littlest guy is playing with Buzz & Woody around (and on) me.. they used to belong to my big boy who just turned 10. Very special friends indeed..

  8. Aww this post made me a little teary. Your very own Toy Story. My Mr nearly 5 has a shark (creatively named Sharky) who he's had since he was 3. Sharky has had a tough life & is looking a little worse for wear but he's still much loved & I hope he's still with us at 9 :)

  9. Thanks for those lovely comments, everyone. I appreciate them ALL.

    It's sad to see the kids growing up and not needing their 'friends' anymore. I hope they all find a human friend who'll mean just as much.


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