Thursday, September 22, 2011

the Mirena Edition part 2 -- definitely NOT for boys!

So today was M Day -- I took the huge box containing my new Mirena and toddled off to see my GP.

I was very nervous. Because

a) I don't like anyone but my husband looking at my lady bits (and to tell the truth I'd rather HE turned the lights off as well)

b) just lately my lady bits have had a rough time and I fully expected more of the same.

But it all went surprisingly well.

(Apart from the speculum, of course -- OMG I'm sure that thing is a junior cousin to medieval thumb screws.)

I had a Pap Smear at the same time, which was more uncomfortable than the IUD going in, and I'm having slight cramps (nothing to worry about) and some light spotting (nothing to worry about).

So -- all in all, not the way I'd CHOOSE to spend a half hour of my time, but I've had worse.

Now I just have to wait for the smear results (with fingers crossed)(more about that tomorrow another day.)
and hope that the IUD does its' magic.


  1. on a lighter not (not), HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TOMORRA, SISTA XXXXX

  2. Dang! i can't edit out my stupid typo. but you know what i mean. lucky i don't proof read for a living... xxxxxxxx

  3. Not a fun afternoon, but worth it if the Mirena does the job.

  4. Let the psycho-Mumma begin! lol. I am glad that all went well. Don't you hate it how they try to have 'light' conversation with you while you have your legs up and your bits on display for what seems forever? The famous beside manner... x

  5. Hope it all goes well - in every sense.
    If I've read right and tomorrow's your (other!)special day - happy, happy birthday.

  6. I hope it works as well for you as it has for me (except for that sex drive bit of course). Fingers crossed for you!!!

  7. Having see you today, I'm super impressed. You look full of colour and verve. Awesome!

  8. Having see you today, I'm super impressed. You look full of colour and verve. Awesome!


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