Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hubby cooked up some yummy steaks last night, but you know -- he cooks like a bloke -- and for some reason (the clouds of smoke maybe) the smoke alarm went off! It took us a while to get it down and shut it up, but reminded me that I need to change the batteries, since I forgot on April 1st.
We stayed in a gorgeous luxury beach house in Dunsborough one time, which was absolutely beautiful -- except that the toaster was placed right under the smoke alarm, and the darn thing went off if you even heated a slice of bread. To make things funnier, the smoke alarm was about 35 feet in the air (well it looked like it to me) and hubby had to use a broom to shut it up. Still, better some inconvenience than a house fire!
So, if you haven't checked your smoke alarm batteries, get up RIGHT NOW and go do it. And if you don't have any smoke alarms -- WHY NOT????


  1. I once lived in an apartment where they'd put the smoke alarm on the ceiling right outside the bathroom door. So, if I took a long, hot shower and didn't open the window first, as soon as I opened the bathroom door the steam would set off the alarm. Ingenious!

  2. Hi Toni, we changed our Smoke Alarm batteries YESTERDAY!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the reminder Toni! Got the battery will do it now


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