Sunday, April 25, 2010

changing blogs

Just letting you all know that I'll be posting my scrap-stuff on my new (old) blog, From My Heart to Yours, from now on. It still looks a bit funny - I worked on the background etc all day yesterday and quite frankly I couldn't care if I never saw another blog template in my life, so please pardon the fact that it still has it's clothes buttoned up wrong (so to speak) and follow me over there if you're interested in scrapping or papercraft!
I'll keep this blog open as well, and I'll be posting family doings, musings, photos etc here.


  1. ух ты, Хоть кто-то здравомыслящий остался

  2. i am a voluntary designer, is there a chance you'd like to show some of my pictures? i guess it would be great for your page :-)
    really enjoy your blog! send me a e-mail please in case you want to colaborate


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