Monday, April 19, 2010

drunken stampers loose in the kitchen.....

Drunken Stampers host some funky challenges each week, and my bloggie friend Linda got me started last week; and then nearly lost me again this week cos the challenge is to use something from the KITCHEN to create a card.... kitchen! my mind boggled (not a pretty sight).
I thought of a few things but they were either stupid, or too complicated and stupid -- and then I had a EUREKA moment while watching an ad for washing powder. (I know)
It was so cool I leapt up from the sofa and started running around the house muttering to myself. I only stopped when Bones came back on.
Anyway, I wanted to use an onion but I had no purple ink (I have wished for purple alcohol ink more times than I can count, WHY do I not just buy myself some??)
So then I spotted the lime from my evening shot of tequila -- allowed it to dry out overnight -- and here is the result!

Basically, all I did was to use the Spiced Marmalade and Fired Brick Distress Ink Pads with a foam blending tool, and ink up the lime half. (you would want it to be pretty dry if you want a crisp image or the lime juice smudges your ink)
Then I used the lime to stamp on the paper. As the lime dried, it shrank a little, so I used my hands to push the paper from underneath up into the lime. In some spots, a little juice smudged the print, which added to the effect, I thought.
I then added Umbrella Man (I think of him as Stanley) with some black archival ink. I used Spiced Marmalade to ink the edges as well.
I WISH I had a yellow (Mustard Seed) ink pad too -- see purple alcohol ink above -- cos then I would have had a shot at softly blending yellow into the whole background, but there y'go. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride, my Nana used to say.
To make the card, I just mounted the background onto a scrap of Bazzill from my stash, and used a bottlecap and 7Gypsies 97% Complete sticker.

NOTE ON BOTTLECAPS -- I buy them from the home brew section of the supermarket, you get a bag full for a coupla bucks and then I squash them, 6 at a time, with my Sizzix. TOO EASY, mate. I LOVE bottlecaps and almost never remember to use them!

So thanks for looking and wading through this huge post, go have a shot of tequila with some lime now-- you deserve it!


  1. TONI!!!
    This is blinking fantastic!!
    I just love it

  2. BLIMEY Toni, this is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! FAB Card!!!!

  3. That is one of the most awesome things I have seen. I am new here and super, dooper impressed.

    Am stealing the idea immediately. :o)

  4. HOLY Jose Cuervo, Toni, that may well be the most incredible background I've ever seen in all my years of stamping! WOW!!!

    You are BRILLIANT, and you took the Kitchen Challenge to a whole new, to a whole new DIMENSION!!! WTG, girlfriend!!!

    Yeah, I'm stealing this idea, too! ♥

  5. Wow! What a great idea to use the lime! I love the colours too! Thanks for playing along with us this week at the Drunken Stampers!

  6. What inspiration ! I love the use of your lime .......... brilliant ! Thanks for joining us on DS this week ................

  7. Don't you just love this from a person who 'doesn't make cards'? Its stunning! How did you do the quote, is it a bought one?

  8. Sorry babe, disregard that last question, I just read your post properly.

  9. Gosh what a fab technique - never heard of it before so going to try it out! Card is great!! Polly xx

  10. If THIS is the kind of completely awesome ideas you get after a shot of agave juice ... I might have to change my drink of choice. :)

    Your card is BEAUTIFUL!

  11. one word...Wow!!!!!..what an awesome technique..perfect for the DS's challenge..tfs..lovesn ya


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