Wednesday, April 14, 2010

it takes two to tango....

This is my tango example for the MMT comp at ART this week. I'm not a fan of two photos on a LO, EVER -- so it really challenged me! The main picture is of me and my best mate Jules heading off to some fancy do, back in about 1990? we were really best mates -- used to tell each other everything, hung out together all the time, laughed ourselves sick many times over, and he was always there when I needed him.
No big surprise then, that after 11 years of friendship, we literally fell in love one day (OK, it was more like a 36 hour time frame, and no I'm not kidding) and got married, 10 years ago this December!
The little photo was taken on our wedding day.
I wore a red dress (:


  1. Oh, Toni, this is the best, sweetest, most romantic LO I've ever seen! I love how it looks, and even more, I love the story behind it. You made my heart happy.

    You two make a BEAUTIFUL couple!


  2. What a sweet story. Love the pic, too. I have boxes full of scrappy stuff I bought when my kids were tiny and I had good intentions... alas, there it still sits.

  3. Toni, this is a beautiful LO and so is the story of your life that led to the two photos!!!

  4. What a fairy tale and dream come true, thanks for sharing this heartwarming story. And thanks for always checking in on me, you are truly the most wonderful lady and friend. Daddy is doing ok at the moment, has some new drugs to give him some appetite so we are happy about that. I'm so busy scrapping at the moment that I don't even have time to think that I have 2 kids home for the holidays eeeeeeeeeeeeek. Well I survived thus far, Monday, all should be back to normal LOL, thanks once again for being you, Tiff xx.


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