Friday, April 16, 2010

on winning Lotto....

AHHH, Lotto. We've all dreamed of you, sighed over the possibilities, kissed your lustrous tickets for luck... (what? you haven't done that?? oh. Me either)
Today I was reading Amys' blog, about what she would do if she won Lotto.
Most of it is similar to what I would want to do..... pay off the bills, buy a house, set hubby up in his dream career, provide for the kids and extended families.... we're not very extravagant so no fur coats or stable of fast sleek Italian cars etc. My big indulgence (aside from the Dream Home) would be to buy lots and lots of T!m Holtz products -- in fact, everything he's ever made!

But then I looked down my blog list -- and saw the real needs of some bloggers I read.
Money to help families with special needs kids, for example, because our governments sure don't seem interested.

And there are things I'm hoping desperately for, that money just can't buy.
I'm hoping and praying that Tash's baby boy is born alive, and well.
that Fern gets the answers she needs
that Kristin gets through this part of her life and lives happily ever after
that Tiffs' dad would wake up tomorrow morning, cancer-free.
and that Stephanie could have her hearts' desire, be pain-free, and feel beautiful and sexy and womanly again.

Take a few minutes to read these stories.


  1. Another lovely post from an amazing and generous woman! I hope all your wishes-- and all THEIR wishes-- come true!


  2. OMG, I have tears, you are the most special friend a person could have, please go to bed knowing you have touched my heart in a BIG WAY, God Bless you and yours, love you, Tiff xx.


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