Tuesday, April 20, 2010

back to the 50s....

Anyone who's more than a nodding acquaintance knows that I am NOT very domesticated. I mean, I don't have a bone through my nose and I can use a knife and fork, but I'm far more into the decorating than the cleaning.
Well, I just caught sight of myself in the mirror while tidying the bedroom.
I'm wearing a polka dot apron and high heels.
There IS a reason for this, I swear.
I've been baking (hence the apron) and I have to break the heels in for my sisters' wedding next month.
How my husband would laugh! thank goodness he's at work.


  1. Well I for one think that is a lovely image - I just love the 1950's style Polly xx

  2. I wish I could have been there with a camera! xxx

  3. Photo Op!!!

    Were you wearing pearls, by any chance?? If so, the time-travel transformation is complete!

  4. What? You dare to tell us this and then no picture!

  5. What?! I thought everyone cleaned like that!


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