Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August Chronicles

If you haven't seen the Fridge Chronicles yet, hop over here for a tick
I'll wait, I have a magazine.....
Cool idea, huh?

K -- here is my fridge for August.


(can you guess which of these pictures was drawn by the 8 year old boy, and which one by the 5 year old Princess? PLUS -- check out the deets on that pirate -- LOVE the wooden leg!)

The Boys' excursion notes:
(when did he go from being a little boy to being a kid that can write his own excursion notes??)

and POSSIBLY millions of dollars (well, you never know! that's why I haven't checked it -- it would destroy the dream...)

Plus on the freezer we have this masterpiece by -- guess which child?

You see, THAT'S the difference between boys and girls, right there!


  1. Thanks for taking part in the Chronicles, Toni. The artworks on your fridge are priceless. Your son's handwriting is so neat... that's definitely something I would have thought was more from the princess!

    Hope you win the million. A girl can dream, right!?!

  2. Pretty cool idea, I wish my fridge was metal (its a caravan fridge ... has a plastic door, so no magnets), and I love the picture of Paris too.

  3. A fridge always looks happier with children's art on it!

    I have my fingers crossed for the winning ticket for you.

  4. My fridge looks so boring right now.

  5. have to agree with the last comment from 'river' now the kids are grown up and left home there is literally NOTHING on my fridge doors anymore :(

  6. OH YOU GIRLS ARE LUCKY! I love neat tidy fridge doors.

  7. Ohhhhhh Toni your fridge is a work of Art....It belongs to a loving family XXXXXXXX

  8. What a lovely fridge you have. Maxabella will be delighted that you joined the party! I haven't visited before, but will be back!

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    Keep up the wonderful work!


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