Monday, August 2, 2010

I am not a geek. Honest.

OK, I admit I would LOVE to go to one of those sci-fi conventions - and yeah I would totally love to wear a costume and a wig and be utterly outrageous -- but I would be found out and lasered into stardust in 30 seconds flat because I don't speak Klingon (tho I can do that Vulcan salute thingy)
But I'm not actually much of a sci-fi fan. Honest.
There are at least 2 Star Wars movies I haven't seen (tho I watched every second of the one Ewan McGregor was in) and I really never got the StarGate thing. I have seen one of the Star Trek movies (as I typed that, I realised I'm really not sure if there are more than one) but only because Fabio and I found ourselves at the movies without kids, and it was Gentlemans' Choice.

But when it comes to the new Dr Who -- YEAH BABY! I'm in that TARDIS, I want a sonic screwdriver, Daleks give me the shudders, I can no longer blink in the presence of an angel statue, and I would run away with Ten in a heartbeat! (Matt Smith is looking like a run-away contender now, too. Poor Fabio.)

So I was stoked to see that Dr Who took out 6 categories in the 2010 Portal Awards

Ten took out Best Actor by a landslide, the show won best series by a landslide, and Russell T. Davies totally rocks.


  1. You are so NOT a geek. hehehe.

  2. You never really "got" the Stargate thing??
    Clearly you need to re-watch it.
    Several times.
    And then again, just to drool over Michael Shanks who plays Daniel Jackson.
    It's a ten season set plus two movies, then there's Stargate Atlantis, a five season set, so you'll need a supersize popcorn.

    Star Trek original has four movies, then there are the Next Generation movies, and don't forget the TV series.

    I LOVE the Tardis! I have a Tardis money box that has the flashing light and sound effect of the Tardis taking off after you insert the coins and close the doors.
    I also have a Dalek bottle opener that has a pressure point which causes it to say exterminate when used to open a bottle, or I can just press the point to hear it.

  3. Are you sure you're not River Song???

  4. Oooh hello fellow companion :) I would fight you for the Doctor's companion position though. I'm even going to rip the redhair's hair if I need to hahahaha

    The season finale was awesome! Loved it!

  5. SAME! it was too cool, one of the best eps ever. LOVED the Centurion, and the wedding scene!

  6. Gosh you make me laugh! Im a secret, in the closet sci-fi geek. I adore stargate, star trek (every single series, and I even have the full collection of Next Generation - don't tell! lol)And yes I love DR Who. Actually my second date with DH was watching star trek and having takeaways.


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