Monday, August 23, 2010

I did it!

Today, I joined the gym!
Been putting it off for a couple of reasons, many of them having to do with my wallet.... and to be honest, I wasn't looking forward to coming face-to-face with the dreaded vital statistics. But it wasn't as bad as I feared.
I need to lose less than 10 kilos to be looking the way I think I should (GymBoss says 6, I say a bit more than that but we'll see)
Apart from losing some weight, I really need to do something about my flabby bits and my knees. They make a horrible ratcheting sound whenever I bend them, which seriously makes people flinch and pull that OMG face. I'm hoping that building up my inner thighs will help to strengthen the old knees (plus, you know, hubs is hoping for some side benefits!)

I'm going to Curves, which I've been to before in DesertCity, and I LOVED it. Loved the support, loved there being no mirrors and no men, and loved the feeling of empowerment I got from taking control of my body.
Feels good to be me some days.


  1. Good for you! I am also looking into getting "back into it" after all my trouble I've had recently. I agree you do feel empowered when you have control over your body and you do things to make yourself feel and look great!!!!

  2. Hey, good for you, too! I'm glad to hear it.

  3. Good for you. Exercise makes you feel so much more better and alive. I haven't been back to the gym for ages and I just might start again.

  4. That's always a great thing. You can never be too healthy. Now go turn some headz:)


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