Friday, August 20, 2010

SO tempting... but no, thanks.

Spam can be (unintentionally) funny.

melancholy Julian with Victuals and Deuterium oxide you can existent a a-ok life. I paragon in the first really, it's august so log a come to pass on and ry it, do it in this light of day!
Mini Chill? contains a not discrepant intermix of herbs and amino acids called Relarian?, that has been proven, in published clinical trials not unique to not unexpectedly varying stress and intimation, but to in factually ameliorate your intuition round and bring about noetic chance on! Mini Polar doesn?t messenger drowsiness, so whether you?re in the bull's-eye of a stressful hour at manipulate or enjoying a full view off the mark with your friends, Mini Chill? is guaranteed to refurbish your day.

So tempting. I'd love my intuition ameliorated, and of course, an a-ok life is something I've long aspired to.
But I think I'll stick with Jose Cuervo. Me and him, we go way back.


  1. Ha Ha, I'll stick with chocolate and hot coffee for my chillin'.

  2. Sounds like you've been getting way too close to Jose.

  3. "Mini Polar doesn?t messenger drowsiness"


    That Is Awesome!

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