Tuesday, August 24, 2010

first day back at Curves

Totally knackered.....

.... but in a really good way!


  1. Good for you Toni!
    Hate to say this but wait til tomorrow!!!
    Stick with it darlin

  2. Oh, I'm going AGAIN tomorrow! And you do a good muscle stretch/cooldown when you're finished your circuits, I may be a little stiff but it won't be too bad.
    I hope.

  3. I’m a trifle fatigued myself.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  4. I've been meaning to join a gym all my life. Haven't gotten around to it yet. It's not that there aren't any close enough, it's just that I'm so very lazy....

  5. I think we have a Curves in town! Does it work though, the 30-minute workout? (Probably would have in my early 20s...think I need more like four hours these days...)

    PS I'm on day 2 of round 734 of my diet. So we'll be following the same timeline kinda. Motivational!

  6. Hi Jade -- yeah it does. IF you do it 3 times a week, and work to high efficiency, you'll lose weight and gain muscle.
    I've never been to anything else so I can't compare but I lost 6 cms off my waist when I used to go years ago -- and I wasn't doing it 3 times a week.
    Then we moved to a place with a Bloke Gym so i stopped going.

  7. Well good for you. It's been ages since I've been to the gym.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my post the other day. xoxo


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