Monday, February 9, 2009

perfect pie

Anyone who knows Jules, knows that he absolutely adores Jack and Katie. The sceensaver was on last week and this photo popped up, and Jules told me this is his all-time favourite baby photo of Katie, so I sneakily scrapped it for his album.
And he loves it (despite all the flowers)
He has always called her Pie (in fact he once wrote on an official form that her full name is Katie Pie Laws whch is kinda weird) and I think part of the connection is because he delivered her himself, he's amazed by the fact that he was the very first person ever to hold her.

I scrapped this LO according to Anns' challenge criteria over at Hybrid.


  1. This is gorgeous, she looks like a contented little angel sleeping, this layout is just gorgeous love your title....

  2. Awww, 2 sweet. Just reading your bio, 6 kids!!! I take my hat off to you xx.

  3. What a gorgeously perfect LO and PIC !!
    Not surprised he loved it really !

  4. Such a beautiful LO Toni and love the story behind it...Jules is such a softie!


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