Friday, February 13, 2009


I just made myself a new banner -- will be doing a blinkie to match when my brain has had a nap!
I've also scrapped a LO today so as you can guess, there's not a whole lot of housework going on LOL


  1. Totally cool!! You need my blinkie! You might have to start a little online business selling blinkies and banners.

  2. This looks fabulous Toni, you got the banner and blinkie making down pat now, I agree with your mom you should start selling them....

  3. Toni Love your banner it is geogous' also love Maria's new blinki.
    having fun with my sister and neice just showed them my blog and Hybrid.
    they love your work.
    better go Lv Ann xxx

  4. HOW did you do it ?? !! that looks excellent and I must say I am a tad jealous !!

  5. Now that is way to cool for school, I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!!!


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